Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A craftastically domestic family weekend!

What a nice, looong, Memorial Day weekend we had!  We had time to get tons done around the house, a lot of time for crafts and domestic fun, and a lot of time to just spend together as a family which is priceless.

For some reason I got kind of obsessed with making bracelets!  I think it started while I was blog reading and then continued on to Pinterest.  I know I'm a little behind the times, but wrap bracelets are huge right now and we didn't have a single one in our house.  I saw a ton that I liked on Etsy, but they were in the $35 - $60 price range and I'm just not ok with that!
This brought me back to the days of making friendship bracelets when I was a kid.
I made four for myself and two for Stella.  I think that the two on the right (of mine) are my favs!  I'm going to get more colors of the cord and order some sterling silver.  How fun would these bracelets be with names stamped on the silver?  I'll definitely be sporting one with each of the girls' names!

Here you can see one of the rings I made too...  My friend got me some old typewriter keys.  2 "S's" and 2 "L's".  The rings are kind of fun.

I finally finished Lucy's sweater (it always takes me forever to sew on the buttons!  Now that it's done it's getting warm and she probably won't even get to wear it while it fits her.  I have another sweater partly done and I probably won't even get it done while it fits her. :(  I dyed the yarn with coolaid which is kind of fun, and now when I wash it it smells like grapes - yum!

I'm making a bit of progress on Lucy's dress...  I'd be further if I'd stop making bracelets!

While I've been LOVING our iced coffee, I know it's not great for my waistline so I made a batch of iced green tea concentrate.  I couldn't find the little baby pitcher we usually use so... can you tell what that is???  Yep, the water "bottle" that the hospital gives you!  I just couldn't get rid of it all those years ago.

Jen over at Peas and Crayons has me utterly addicted to baked sweet potatoes with veggie fixings - YUM!

Stella helping with our weekly menu - she' writing so well!

This is what she chose to wear running errands.  Jim asked if I was going to let her... um, YEAH, it's not going to hurt anything!

Both of the girls got to help Daddy mow the lawn - fun stuff!
Cooking something while Mama cleaned the house.  I love independent play!

Stella got a popsicle and Lucy got her first bite.  I think it's pretty apparent that she LOVED it!

Both Mama and Daddy got a lot of snuggling time in.

Stella wants to ride Lu on the "teeter totter" by herself.  Letting go makes me a bit nervous. (and those hats crack me up!)
Dueling laptops - getting some work done.
It was such a nice weekend and just makes me more excited for summer vacation!

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  1. Love the bracelets. I may have gone out to Michaels this weekend after reading your post. ;) I'll actually have some time for these things in three weeks!
    I am always envious of people who can "really" knit - you are very talented!