Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So fast!

It seems so cliche for moms to say things like "I can't believe how fast they're growing up!"  It's so very true though.  I'm sure other mamas can relate, there are times when the child you're looking at isn't the same child you had just a month, week, or even days ago.  So many times Jim will look at one of the girls and say, "did you grow last night?"  We notice it in both their physical changes as well as emotional/personality.

Lula Bug had a weekend like that this weekend.  The girl I put to bed Friday night was NOT the same girl I put down Sunday night.  It's wonderful though a bit sad.

Just over the weekend she's started loving babies, liking blankies, sitting in her sisters chair, and even having a cocoa in the morning with her big sis!  That's an awful lot of big girl changes over the course of two days.

With all of these fun changes come a few new challenges.  She's at that age where she really wants to be able to tell us things and is getting frustrated when we don't understand what she wants.  It's also hard when we want to be able to tell her something (it's ok to get out of the car, we're going to go do something fun).  Most of the time she happily babbles/oohs/grunts/points, but sometimes she quite obviously knows what she wants and we don't get it.  Her favorite way of taking her frustration out is to grab your face with her little fingers and dig her nails in.  She gets a little angry face and kind of shakes - identical to another girl in the house.  (actually, I think Jim would say it's like two other girls in our house)  ;)

I know it's all part of her transitioning from babyhood to toddler status.  I also know that she's just going to continue to get to be more fun for all of us as her personality continues to develop and she can do more.

Joining Stella in the daily morning cocoa.
Having a bit of downtime snuggling her blanket in sissies chair.

Big ole sloppy open-mouthed kisses

Patting/rubbing baby's back


Taking baby for a stroll.

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