Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clean(er) living - Three part "series" part III

Ok, this is the last one and much shorter than the one about food!  This last part is about household goods/personal items/cleaners.

*  toothpaste - we haven't found one we like.  We're currently using Toms, but I'm not a fan.  Maybe I'll try a different flavor next time?  Do you use one you like?

*  shampoo - I have a crazy shampoo stockpile so I haven't done anything here yet.  I did get Burts Bees shampoo & body wash in one for the girls...  disaster!  Both Stella and I thought it stunk SO badly!  After the first wash I thought I could stick it out and at least finish the bottle.  As soon as I used it the second night I realized neither of us stand it so it's out.  We also had a terrible experience with their diaper cream when Stella was a baby so though I adore their chapstick I think I'll be avoiding the rest of their products.  (Thank goodness I didn't go for the Costco pack!)

*  lotion - I've been using coconut oil as lotion for the girls and I for a bit now and really like it.  Even Jim, who HATES the feel of lotion, likes it.  It's pretty strange stuff and is a bit hard to get out of the container the melting point is like 77 degrees so if the weather warms up even a little bit it gets noticeably softer.  However, we have AC.  If you live in a house without it and it gets warm this summer it will turn to a liquid which may be a bit difficult to use.  I'd think it was strange to use an oil on my skin and that I'd end up feeling greasy, but it's not at all!  It's also supposed to be good for eczema, and wrinkles!

*  personal soap - I've been using Dr. Bronner's lavender soap and I LOVE it!  It's mild enough to use on my face and the girls.  We'll also use it for hand soap once they run out.  We mix it half and half with water.  I've heard of people using it for dishes as well but I didn't like that the one time I tried it.  I think I'll stick to Mrs. Meyer's for that.

*  household cleaners - I'm pretty sure we're getting rid of all household cleaners and they'll be replaced by Mrs. Meyer's products.  I like the hand soap, dish soap, and counter top spray.  We've also started using the all purpose cleaner and will probably stop buying the individual products in favor of it when they run out.

*  windows - we've yet to try it, but I've heard good things about just mixing one part vinegar with 5 parts water so we'll try it

*  laundry - we've been making our own laundry soap for a while now and really like it.  We pretty much use this "recipe", though often I add a scoop or two of oxi-clean.

*  totally random - when we can, we use reusable lunch sacks (for crackers, etc).  I got mine from Etsy and I really like them.  I've also been saving more glass containers and using them for other things.  Jim thinks I'm a nutball!

Any tips for toothpaste, baby shampoo, or anything else?

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