Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sharing space

I think it was the first day we found out about our little surprise when Jim frantically said, "we'll have to move to a house with 4 bedrooms!"  I immediately shot down that idea (there were enough things we were going to have to do/change/get, and a house would have totally thrown me over the edge).  He's the youngest of 6, but the age difference is pretty significant and his two siblings immediately before him were both girls so he never shared a room.  I only shared a room a few days a month when I went to my Dad's house, but it was enough to see what it could be like.  I described to him my sister and I lie in beds next to each other making up little stories until we fell asleep.  There's something about a shared room that gets me all emotional.  In fact, this morning I showed this Pinterest pin to Jim:

(Notice what I wrote and when I pinned it... this was 9 months ago (AKA right before the bomb was dropped.  CRAZY huh?!?!?) Parts of this room have now become the inspiration for the "big girls room".)

Between this and the fortune from my cookie do you think maybe the universe was trying to give me a heads up?
Anyway...  all of that to say that I don't subscribe to the thought that every child in a family needs their own bedroom.  The girls won't be allowed to have TVs or anything in their rooms (Ok, maybe WAY down the line).  I think it's so important for our family to share space.  I don't want/need seperate bedrooms, a playroom, craftroom, office, etc.  People want such big houses now and I think it just gives family members room to spread out and spend more time apart.  Houses are marketed for all of the rooms that they have.  Personally, I'd rather fewer large rooms for us to all gather together.  While our house isn't really what I'd call "small", it's not big by any stretch.  It's a normal size with 3 nice big bedrooms (again, I by far prefer this to the choppy smaller rooms that they seem to be putting in developments today.)

I found these two quotes on Etsy and I love both of them.  I think that families should find more ways to spend time togther.  We don't all have to be doing the same thing, but I don't like it when we're spread out.  My favorite thing is when we're all in one room: girls playing/reading, me knitting, and Jim usually doing school work.

I've been spending some of my baby-prep time trying to get Lucy's room ready to be a shared room.  I still have a ways to go (look at how small that picture collage looks now - I already have things to add.).  The best part of all of this?  Both girls have adjusted SO WELL!  Stella is spending far more nights in her own bed rather than crawling in with us.  The other night she said she and Lucy had both woken up so she pretended to be sleeping and then really did go back to sleep!  Each night as I carry Lucy in to bed she asks for Stella.  I tell her Stella will be up soon.  Often, when I bring Stella in Lucy is still awake.  Sometimes she sits up and says, "sissy" but lays right back down when I lay Stella down.  The other night as I went in with Stella I could hear Lu sucking on her pacifier and then say, "sissy" over and over.  It utterly melted me!  I just love seeing those two beds side by side and can only imagine all that will take place as they grow up and Lucy can have conversations with Stella.  Priceless!

In baby news, we're all getting so very ready to meet this girl!  I still have far too much to do to be ready for her to be born, but we're dying to see her and love on her!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Too much

This post is really just for me to look back on later and reflect. I haven't posted in ages. There just seems to be far too much going on and I'm feeling... unsettled.

I'm not "stressed", that's too strong of a word. I haven't been sleeping very well though because my mind just goes crazy with all of the THINGS going on or to do. Fabrics/pillows/window bench cushion/artwork/blankets/knitting patterns/closets...

I can't seem to get ahead at school and we still don't have a sub lined up. It's getting frustrating because I've been trying to get it figured out since October and we're quickly running out of time.

There are far more things on my list of things to knit than time. To some, this seems like a dumb thing to even think about, but to me it's not.

The bedrooms are a MESS and no place near done. I know a baby doesn't need a finished room. It's not about her. It's about me wanting hints to be done and settled before bringing her home. I want to feel calm. Settled. Ready. It's about me.

I keep forgetting things we need for a baby. Stella reminded me we need a new tub. I'd totally forgotten about swaddlers until yesterday... Who knows what else! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and it's 2 day shipping!

Add to that the fact that we've had to get two "new" vehicles in a month and a half, furnish a room... Things just haven't been calm for a while and I'm in need of calm right now. I know this will all pass, we'll be ready for her, etc. just documenting these feelings as they're happening.

On a lighter note, here's a pic of our rapidly growing girl who the Dr thinks will be even bigger than Lucy! I'll be 34 weeks in just two days!