Friday, March 1, 2013

Too much

This post is really just for me to look back on later and reflect. I haven't posted in ages. There just seems to be far too much going on and I'm feeling... unsettled.

I'm not "stressed", that's too strong of a word. I haven't been sleeping very well though because my mind just goes crazy with all of the THINGS going on or to do. Fabrics/pillows/window bench cushion/artwork/blankets/knitting patterns/closets...

I can't seem to get ahead at school and we still don't have a sub lined up. It's getting frustrating because I've been trying to get it figured out since October and we're quickly running out of time.

There are far more things on my list of things to knit than time. To some, this seems like a dumb thing to even think about, but to me it's not.

The bedrooms are a MESS and no place near done. I know a baby doesn't need a finished room. It's not about her. It's about me wanting hints to be done and settled before bringing her home. I want to feel calm. Settled. Ready. It's about me.

I keep forgetting things we need for a baby. Stella reminded me we need a new tub. I'd totally forgotten about swaddlers until yesterday... Who knows what else! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and it's 2 day shipping!

Add to that the fact that we've had to get two "new" vehicles in a month and a half, furnish a room... Things just haven't been calm for a while and I'm in need of calm right now. I know this will all pass, we'll be ready for her, etc. just documenting these feelings as they're happening.

On a lighter note, here's a pic of our rapidly growing girl who the Dr thinks will be even bigger than Lucy! I'll be 34 weeks in just two days!

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  1. You look awesome!!!! I know it sounds silly and you won't believe me but things will be okay. Griffin had a double mattress and box spring leaning against his wall for the first six weeks of his life, he will never even know ;)

    Things will be well; trust the process.