Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A downhill slope

Baby girl was 29 weeks on Sunday and I figured I'd better post before things change!  People have been asking me how I feel and I keep saying, "great, this has got to be the best time of pregnancy!"

So far:  I'm not tired, I haven't broken out maternity pants, the numb spot at the top of my belly hasn't made an appearance yet, her kicks aren't uncomfortable, I feel great...

BUT.  I can feel it coming.  That bend in the pregnancy road that lets you know you're nearing the finish line.  I'm starting to feel my breathe getting a bit shorter, it's getting harder to carry a 5 year old upstairs to bed each night, and it's harder to find a comfortable position on the couch. 

I'm not complaining.  I won't ever complain.  (ok, maybe once or twice to a husband who needs a little reminding of what I'm working with)  I feel so blessed to have the chance to go down this road once more when there was a time I feared I'd never get to experience any of it.  For the sake of that heartbroken version of myself and for all of the women who still long for this, I refuse to complain about any of it!

I'm getting anxious though.  Getting her room ready for her is on my mind a LOT, I want to knit for her constantly, and I'm SO looking forward to the feel of that fuzzy bit of hair tickling my nose as I breathe her in.  I can't believe I'm being trusted to be a Mama to another beautiful girl, how very lucky I feel!

We're getting closer, and I cannot wait to complete this family of ours!

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  1. 29 weeks and no maternity pants?! You lucky, long waisted girl you!