Monday, January 7, 2013

25 Weeks

I don't have a 25 week pic, but here are two from 24 weeks.  I swear it's grown a TON since these were taken!

I'm so far behind in blogging!  I finally uploaded some pictures last night so I just need to organize some posts and get them up!

I wrote a post on my first blog when I was 25 weeks pregnant with Lucy about some of my fears.  I hadn't thought about it in ages, but just in the last week or so I've started WORRYING.  It's funny how it's hit at exactly the same time it did last time.

This time, I'm worried about Lucy mostly.  There have been several people (2 of which are from 3 girl families) who've said that the first and third are really close but that the middle daughter is the "odd girl out".  I want all 3 of my girls to be close.  I'm not naive, I know that there will be bumps and that there will be times when any given 2 may be closer, but I hope that WHICH two it is is more of a fluid thing and that there isn't EVER one of them who feels like she doesn't fit in.

I'm so totally over any disappointment about not having a boy (even though I do still feel badly for Jim), and I'm SO VERY EXCITED to have another girl to watch movies with, bake with, craft, paint nails etc.  I never dreamt our lives would turn out like this and I feel so incredibly blessed.  I just so badly want them to have a strong relationship/bond/love for each other!

I still have moments of shock, and there are still times I feel like I'm too old and/or I'm going to be SO very overwhelmed with 3 littles, but I must admit that the feelings of excitement at meeting her are beginning.  I'm not a person who usually goes ga-ga over babies in general, but my own...?  Oh, I can't wait to smell her, snuggle her, feel the weight of her sleeping body on my chest...  Heavenly!  Most of all, I am so excited to watch Stella be a big sister again and this time she'll be able to do even more.  We certainly have struck it rich!


  1. I know I only have one baby but you nailed right on the head why I've ALWAYS been fearful of 3. Even early on when I would think about my family I always said 2 or 4 kids, I didn't want one to be the odd kid out. I cannot wait to watch your girls with a new little baby and for you to prove me wrong because I know families with three kiddos CAN work out amazingly! You look stunning and tiny and you create beautiful girls, you are VERY blessed! Yay for another little Snider :)

  2. Hey Julie,

    I saw your comment on tdc about wavy hair. I may have just the trick for you. Try taking a shower at night and scrunching it up with a towel with you get out but do NOT brush it. Sleep on it that night and you may find some beautiful curls in the morning. Hopefully :-) Cute blog and congrats. I'm a WA girl with 3 babes myself.