Monday, December 17, 2012

23 weeks

We had a great weekend planned (and did have fun), but the entire weekend it just felt like there was a layer of sadness hovering over us.  We didn't watch any news.  I watched President Obama's speech last night until he got to the names and pictures.  I couldn't go there.  Stella was in the kitchen with me and already could see I was upset so I changed the channel and the subject.  I'm not sure how many times I cried, and I know that we spent a whole lot of extra time just loving on and watching our girls feeling so blessed that they were with us.

Hopefully I'll post pictures of the Polar Express train ride soon... though the holidays might sweep over nad mean silence here for a while...

Here's my 23 week pic:  my goal is to buy every shirt/sweater/dress I can find that covers my booty so I can wear leggings as often as possible!

Stella snuck in with her matching belly.  :)

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