Wednesday, December 5, 2012

21 weeks

I haven't posted for a bit not because we're still pouting, it's just that busy time of year with lots of being grateful for ours we blessings and trying to milk every ounce of fun/love/celebration/tradition out of the holidays. We've enjoyed a lot of Christmas movie nights by the fire, Christmas books (which I didn't wrap this year... sometimes we'll read several a day and sometimes none. The wrapping turned out to be a waste of time and paper for us), and Advent activities. Even Jim calls me at school to ask what how we're going to "Christmas it up" each night.

We're pretty much over the ultrasound shock. It's still strange for me hear Jim say her/she and I'm still using "it", but I'm over it. He still has his moments, and frankly I'm sure always will, but is happy. On Thanksgiving morning he said, "I'm still a little sad that I won't have anyone to watch football with me on Thanksgiving while you girls are in the kitchen." I feel for him. I'd be sad if I were alone in the kitchen with a gaggle of boys all watching football! On Saturday a woman we don't know asked about the baby. When we told her it was another girl, she said, "another girl? It takes a special man to have 3 girls!" Special indeed. I couldn't have picked a better man to raise these girls.

When our neighbor found out its another girl she told me that she's the fourth generation of 3 girls and that we'll be we'll taken care of because girls take good care of their parents (true) and I was reminded of something I wrote when we found out Lu was a girl. I think girls tend to stay closer to their families. For that I'm immensely grateful!

Anyway, we're 21 weeks and 3 days today and not much to update pregnancy wise. Still down a couple of pounds, still in regular pants, still feel normal for the most part. In fact, when I went back & read my 20 update from Lucy it's virtually identical. (I'd be ok if she ended up a bit smaller though!)

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