Friday, June 15, 2012

The ugly duckling of the house...

UGH - I've been starring at this post for a week now.  I just can't seem to focus!  Well, that's not really true, I'm just focused on finishing up the year, summer vacation, Father's Day, and bracelets!

I started this post on Monday and had begun with the story of our house, but I think I'll save that for our House-iversary next month!  For now let's just say that our kitchen is by far the most hideous room in our house!  I'm DYING to gut it, but that's going to have to wait until either we save a LOT of penneys or the market takes a serious upswing!

Our cabinets are HIDEOUS!  I was going to post some pictures of them, but I'll save those for the other post too.  Anyway, the insides of our cabinets are all OUR fault - no fault of the house (except the fact that this house doesn't have a pantry which SUCKS!)

I was dropping the girls off one morning when I noticed Sheri's open shelves.  She had all of these great matching containers that stack really well.  She'd gotten them at Walmart which didn't thrill me, but I decided I'd get over my dislike and splurge on some containers.  I'll need more down the road, but this got us started.  Here are the before/afters of 3 of our cupboards.  I threw away a LOT of stuff... did you know that expired cake/pancake mix can make littles REALLY sick?  My mom said she'd heard of a little one die from it!  Needless to say we had a serious purge session!

L - cereal/pasta (before)  R - cereal/kiddo snacks (after) don't judge for our crap cereal... I'm working on that!

L - cake mix (expired), junk food, chips, bags of beans falling onto us, pasta... (before) R - AHHH...  beans, pasta, quinoa, rice all organized (after)

L - baby stuff, snacks, popcorn, brown bags for the popcorn (before) R - popcorn, condensed baby stuff, coconut oil (after) we even have a little bit of room for some adult beverages now that mama can pick it up with the groceries! (after)

Sorry if it's not too exciting, but I have to tell you it's SO very nice not to open a cupboard door and worry that bags of bulk beans are going to fall out on somebody!

Coming soon:  Father's Day and summer goodies!

* ETA: wouldn't it have been nice if I'd given you the info for the containers? They're Better Homes & Gardens and I think they're called flip tite or something. Here's a picture of the top which is part of the reason I like them. I had to go to two stores to get those and still haven't found the smaller size yet. They must be popular!

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  1. Haha-things like this are definitely "exciting" to my organized obsessed brain ;) Not that everything is organized...just that I love it when it is! You've inspired me to get these containers you speak of--love stuff like that :)
    Nice work!