Friday, November 16, 2012

Prep work!

The girls are going to be away tomorrow night so in addition to some much appreciated alone time with Jim (sadly, we're spending some of our time car shopping - BLECH!!!!), I'm planning to do some Advent Calendar/Christmas prep!

I made a list of ideas for Bob, our elf, and a list of advent activities.  Some will probably be left out as I do want to get the girls a couple of small presents, but the activities went over really well this year so I'd like to continue with them.  In case you're in need (and haven't gotten a ton of ideas from Pinterest already), here are ours:  I printed out a holiday pattern on one side and then put the paper back through to print on the other side so when I hang them from the girls' calendars they'll see a design.  Pretty scrapbook paper would work well too, I just didn't happen to have any.

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