Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Countdowns

It's no secret by now that I love me some countdowns!  And... seeing as Stella is a little version of me in so many ways, it's no surprise that she loves them too.  I always find that they make it easier for her to judge time.  Last night she asked me if I'd make her a countdown to Bob again this year (our Elf on the Shelf).  She loves to mark a big "X" through each box at the end of the day!  Since she doesn't have a great grasp of days and has no concept really of DATES, I use pictures for each day to help her indentify them.  Here's ours for this year:

She also asked if we could do Santa's beard countdown again this year.  Last year I made one but this year I found one already done online and just printed it out.  I like that it has numbered spots for the cottonballs!
 I think that the more little things we do the easier the wait is!

Other than an advent calender (which we do up big), does your family have anything you do to help the little ones with the wait?  I'm always looking for new ideas to try out!

Happy LOOONG weekend, I'm off for some fun with one of my favorite people!

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