Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 16

There's a line in Father of the Bride (the fiance goes to the bar after they fight about a blender and her dad goes to talk to him).  The dad tells him that Annie comes from a long-line of over-reactors but that with each generation it lessens so their children may actually have a shot at turning out normal.  This is my family except with worrying!

I'm never at a loss of things to worry and stress out about.  Add to that a 3rd, and unplanned, pregnancy and I have been freaking out about SOMETHING since August 13!

The two things that are at the top of my list most of the time are how Lucy's going to adjust (she's just so darn little and still needs so very much), and how in the HELL I'm ever going to be able to do anything or go anyplace again.  I'm so very glad that at least Stella can buckle herself into her carseat and I don't have to worry about her running off while in a store. I wonder if it would be too much to ask for her to carry the baby into stores in the infant seat so I can carry Lu and the diaper bag? :)  IF I manage to get us all into a store without any incidents in the parking lot, how exactly do people get both kids into the grocery cart and have room for their um... groceries maybe?  I'm going to have to buy everything at Target just because they have those crazy big carts!

Ok, I can use a pack for one of them and put the other in the cart.  That will work right?  Let's just hope I never actually need to make more than one stop or just a quick little stop.  It's going to take me twice as long to get kids buckled/unbuckled, into packs, safely across parking lots than 90% of my errands take.  It's exhausting just to think about.

Things have actually been getting a bit easier around here (at least until the last 2 weeks when Lucy has gotten super clingy and throws a fit if I put her down... that should be fun with a newborn).  Lucy can play a bit more independently, and several times I've thought, "Oh man, and now we have to start all over!"

I'm already missing sleep and showers!  While Stella's not exactly old enough to do much to help, (oh how I'd love somebody in the house just to hold a baby for 30 minutes a day) I'm SO grateful that she's not younger than she is.  3 under 3 sounds like a recipe for the crazy house to me!

Please know that my worries are NOT IN ANY WAY and indication that I'm not supremely aware of how blessed we are and grateful for it every. single. day.  I know, believe me, I know!

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