Monday, October 15, 2012

Some thoughts

Thoughts on this surprise pregnancy:

*  WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!  After 5 years, 15 IUI's, and countless dollars to get two beautiful daughters in our lives, how the heck did we end up with an "oops" pregnancy???

* As I'd told a friend earlier in the summer, there was a part of me that REALLY wanted a third child.  We'd always imagined having 3 and talking about 3 (2 girls and a boy) and part of what really ticked me off about the whole inferility thing was not having control of how big of a family we were going to have.  On the other hand, there was a part of me that REALLY did NOT want a third child.  We're older than we ever meant to be having kids and we have two healthy babies whom we love with all of our hearts.  Things were beginning to get a bit easier (as Lu gets more independent) and I was looking so forward to certain things with the two of them.  I dreamt of letting each of them choose a vacation when they're teenagers.  Not just a vacation, but a "where would you most like to go on this entire planet? Awesome, let's do it together" kind of vacation - now it's less certain.  Plus, we just didn't want to tempt fate (and I did NOT want to revisit getting up at night!)

*  Lu is just SO. DARN. LITTLE. to be anybody's big sister!

*  I think it's a boy (of course, I though Lu was a boy too).  So much is different this time.  With the girls my skin was great, and I could go a day between hair washes.  No the case this time (boo to both of those).  I only got sick once with the girls combined but was sick most of the first trimester this time around.

Interesting little tidbits:

*  We got pregnant with Stella on our last IUI attempt before starting the IVF process.

*  We got pregnant with Lucy on our last IUI attempt before moving on with the adoption process (in fact, I got our adoption information packet in the mail the week before we found out we were pregnant!)

*  We got pregnant this time the month before I was going to get an IUD.  I was just waiting to start my next P so I could call the Dr and get an appointment (just to NOT have to deal with them during the school year - sorry if that's TMI)

*  In March of 2007 Jim and I went out to dinner and this was my fortune:
 At this point we'd been trying to get pregnant for years and I just sobbed.  We got pregnant in April!

*  In August of 2012 Jim, Stella, Lu and I went to dinner.  This was my fortune:
I teased Jim that it meant that there was going to be a 3rd baby!  I even posted it on IG with the caption, "Ha ha - poor Jim!"  One week later we found out we were pregnant.    Just crazy!

Overall?  We definitely went through quite a period of shock.  I even admit that I spent a night in bed sobbing and begging to loose it.  I'm terrified that there will be something "wrong" that will alter this happy little route we've been on.  (I've even been whining about having to get a bigger vehicle).  It's all petty.  It's all irrelevant.  If ever there was a baby that was "meant to be" this has got to be it.  There isn't an "oops" for us, just a "destined".  I'm still not looking forward to so much of the baby phase, but I'm certainly thrilled to have another member of the family, or clan as Jim now calls us.  I'm thrilled for my lovely girls to have another sibling to share life with.  I'm thrilled to get to hear "Mama" for the first time and snuggle my sleeping babe.

As my Dad used to quote when we were struggling for one, "It will be well."

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