Saturday, April 5, 2014

A party for my two littlest loves!

We had a wonderful birthday party for Lucy and Hazel today. What fun to celebrate our girls with a house full of people who love them both!

This was supposed to be the year Lu had a Candyland party, but I couldn't resist doing Milk & Cookies while Hazel is a babe.  We'll do Candyland next year! I'm totally crazy about how the pink & gold turned out! The garland, painted vases, painted candle holders, and mini cake stands were all Pinterest inspired projects that were really easy and I thought turned out really well. Starbucks bottles were perfect for the milk.  I made the posters for the girls on the computer and then had them printed at Costco.  The print on the table is from Etsy.

Hazel's monthly pictures (and paint chips - whoops!)

 My sister made monogrammed cookies - adorable!

I found the cutest "made with love" cookie stamp.  It didn't show up too well, but still fun.

Sundae cups and stamped wooden spoons.  The spoons were adorable, but I didn't like eating with them!
I love "bars" for parties.  We didn't do cake for the party since we had so many cookies, but I did an ice cream sundae bar.

 Oh... this girl!

 They are too cute in their crowns!

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