Thursday, September 13, 2012

My girl started school!

Jim and I have been back to school for almost two weeks now so that's old news.  As much as I worry about starting every summer it's always fine and we get back into our routines quickly.

This year is special though because Stella got to start Pre-K on Wednesday!  We haven't had her in any kind of pre-school up until now just because we didn't think she needed it.  She had her friends at Sheri's and quite frankly I'd rather her just be able to play and enjoy being little while she can.  We didn't feel like she needed the socialization (she gets PLENTY of that).  She's also been in gymnastics so that has given her an activity during the week.

Since she spends her days in a home with a mom who she loves dearly, the one concern I had about her starting Kindergarten next year was just being in a schoolroom setting with a teacher she didn't know, raising her hand, following directions, etc.  We decided we'd have her start Pre-K this year.  She was so excited about it which just makes my heart smile (I think it's especially precious to teachers to see their kids excited about school).

I wasn't there to drop her off Wednesday, but I really just wasn't worried about her.  Sure enough, I got a picture about a half an hour after she'd started and she had a huge grin.  I left early to be there to pick her up and her face lit up when she saw me which was the best.  She talked all night about her day and seems to have really loved it!  I'm so glad that things have gone the way they have and she has the confidence to be excited about school and meeting new friends.  I'm SO VERY happy that we had a great experience as opposed to the tearful stories you hear some people tell.

I know that she's going to thrive at school but I'm also pretty sure that with starting school there will also be a bit more drama.  That's something we've been relatively spared thus far and I don't look forward to it.  Overall though, I know this is the beginning of a lot of growth for my girl and I can't wait to watch her throughout all of her school years!

Here's her first of 14 "first day of school" pictures: (check out the feet - think she's a bit excited?)  :)

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